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How it all comes together

Mconnection launched its operations in 2006, driven by a clear vision of value: to connect.
Between people, as well as between people and places, leading to productive partnerships in the fields of commercial real estate.
During the course of our activities, we have successfully connected between businessmen and active companies in various fields, from restaurants, cafes and bars to industrial building.
All these operations have one thing in common. Actually, two points in common: on the one hand and on the other hand, there is a solution. A line passes between them precisely, connecting people involved in the process with suitable businesses in the fields of commerce, retail and hospitality.
How do we do it? Connecting, connecting, and connecting. Connecting between the essence and the structure, connecting between partners and connecting between fairness and businesses. Location is important, however it is only a part of our world of connections.
Connecting people is a mission and it is something we have been blessed with.
Just ask those who already joined.

Mconnection משרדים

What do we connect?

Connecting companies, people and partnerships

Sale/acquisition of active businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, enterprises and companies

Connecting between investors and entrepreneurs

Connecting and establishing investment partnerships

Connecting to commercial real estate

Commercial real estate for retail businesses (fashion, food, electricity, etc.) and hospitality (restaurants and cafes), land for industrial purposes, logistics, trade, offices and housing units. Profitable real estate.

Connecting to prestigious residential real estate

Detecting and marketing luxury assets upon request

About our CEO

I have studied the field of real estate and the secrets of this wonderful profession early in my career, when I worked at Afikei Nadlan real estate agency, owned by Moshe Rosen, a leading professional and a wonderful person, to whom I am grateful.
The experience I have acquired over the years, in all areas of life, provided me with fantastic tools to connect with people and understand their needs.
Combined with experience and understanding in the field of commercial real estate, which incorporates extensive knowledge in the fields of trade, retail and hospitality, population segmentation and adjustment of businesses to various locations across the country, we are able to establish connections that lead to profit and success.
Our team is composed of professional and wonderful connectors, which always aim to connect between the right people and businesses and be an inseparable part of success.

Meir Assaf


Meir Asaf - Mconnection Founder


״A classic deal maker!״

Sharon Bezalel

“Serious and professional, he knew how to bridge significant gaps between the parties, which led to the signing of a complex large-scale transaction”

Avi Babaganov

“He knows what he’s talking about, he knows everyone and always does a great job. It is a pleasure to work with him!”

Galit Feinstein, Property Manager at Shilav

“A true real estate agent, honest and fair, people adore him, and he has extensive and significant relationships that allowed me to sell my business”

Yigal Mor

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